“Eagle Restoration’s ability to understand, manage, and complete the rehabilitation projects in a professional manner has provided us with the confidence we require of our approved contractors.”
“Eagle Restoration performed this task admirably. Apart from doing the work in a satisfactory manner, they were in a very political environment.”
“Over the years, Eagle has worked on a variety of restoration projects under the direction of engineers with WSP Canada Inc. and have established themselves as a leading firm in the building restoration business. We have found their work to be thorough and of the highest quality.”
“Eagle Restoration Inc., including the entire staff, continues to generally complete the projects on budget and within the allocated time frames and schedules. They have been co-operative and are a pivotal part of a team approach in resolving issues which have arisen over the course of the projects. Their knowledge of the restoration/rehabilitation industry has proven to be extremely valuable.”
Management of the projects, both within Eagle's office and on-site, was first rate, which encouraged cooperation from all subtrades to successfully complete the projects on schedule and within budget.
The work in these projects were carried out in a professional and safe manner. The scheduled work was completed in a timely manner. The personnel on site were familiar with restoration and followed instructions issued by the consultants.
“DelBove Building Consultants has found Eagle Restoration Inc. to be co-operative and professional in completing projects both within budget and on schedule. Their knowledge of the building restoration industry has been invaluable.”
“Eagle Restoration Inc., despite having to deal with numerous problems caused by site conditions, accepted every occasion as a challenge to overcome and did so with complete confidence. I was kept informed of the project status, and questions were answered honestly and intelligently. The work was completed on schedule with every detail thoroughly addressed.”
O&Y Real Estate Services
“An integral part of our relationship with any contractor and/or trade is the ability to complete complex, and detailed projects, as well as have professional dealings with the client/owner and the engineer (s), inclusively. Eagle Restoration Inc. meets and exceeds our expectations.”
CC Management Solutions
"Eagle went out of their way to make what could have been a very difficult situation into one that was tolerable during the two month project by making sure that our clients and their patients’ needs were addressed.”
“Your ability to work within tight financial constraints eased our concerns."
“Every effort was given by management to complete the projects on schedule, and with every consideration to the residents and board of directors."
York Condominium Corporation No. 350
“Eagle provided us with an organized and high-quality service that was conscientious of the safety of our residents.”
Nova Services Inc., The O’Neill Centre
“This job was complicated by the limited access, the close proximity to residences and tight time constraint because of the school’s operating times. Despite this, the project was completed on time and below budget. I do believe that we chose the right company for the job and I have enjoyed very much working with you.”